5 Ways Infant Care Centers Provide Long Term Benefits For Your Child

Laying a strong foundation for your child is one of the most important responsibilities of parents. Hence, more and more people are opting for a structured preliminary education for their child for his or her overall social and academic development. Infant care centers equip children with the skills they need in today’s competitive world in order to have a fulfilling career and face the challenges that await them.

1. Children need a systematic approach towards learning so that they absorb the information better, and infant care centers in Singapore have well-designed programs to meet the requirements, which help them immensely when they step into a higher learning environment.

2. At infant care centers, children learn to exchange ideas and work in groups, which develop their social skills, something which may not be possible in home learning. These group activities produce long-term benefits that help them shape up their future.

3. Regular assessments of children are held at infant care centers in Singapore to measure their progress against the goals set for them. A definitive set of matrices is employed to carry out the assessments and it’s ensured that goal sets are achievable for the children. Priority is given not to set unrealistic goals that are not consistent with their skills, which can be frustrating.

4. Infant care centers not only provide academic learning for children but also develop their social and emotional skills. The programs are designed to take care of each and every aspect of children’s development and they become more sensitive towards the feelings of others as they grow up.

5. Studies suggest that children who attend infant care centers show better progress in the latter part of their lives, as they get the benefit of the early start they receive at infant care centers. They help the children exercise self-regulation and control their cognitive skills. Infant care centers offer a good blend of playtime and learning, which help the children enjoy the whole learning process.

We often neglect the importance of an early start for our children that helps them acquire the skills necessary to fulfill their potentials as they grow up. Infant care centers provide that early education that goes a long way in shaping up the future of children, and the benefits they receive can be seen once they enter a more professional environment where they find themselves at ease to deal with day to day challenges.

Helping the young minds grow at Preschool

Children are inquisitive by nature. They have a multitude of questions, for which, even the parents do not have answers, sometimes. In fact, the child’s ability to learn new things and to develop a vocabulary is at its peak when he is a toddler. The parents should encourage the curiosity and help in finding the answers to all his small queries. To develop his thinking skills and to make his mind sharper, the kids should be sent to preschools.

Preschool Singapore helps the child in paving his way towards a well-rounded outlook and personality. With the help of hands-on activities, experience-based learning, play-based learning, explorative learning and other interesting methods, the child is encouraged to learn and develop, without exerting too much pressure.

Child becomes social

A lot of parents feel that their child is not social. But, when they put their children in a preschool, the child gets an environment that helps in building up his self-esteem. They are taught to communicate and interact with the other children and are able to create their own identity. They learn how to solve problems and resolve conflicts. With multiple opportunities to interact with other children and adults, the child becomes more tolerant, appreciative, social and confident.

Learning through fun and games

By integrating various activities, the child understands and learns different concepts. All the fun games are used to develop a child’s motor-skills and boost his intelligence.

Setting up milestones

Children going to preschools in Singapore can achieve greater success in school and beyond. With a lively environment where they get to explore things through various learning activities, the child’s intelligence is tapped. They learn various subjects and get to make new friends. In all, a preschool can lay the foundation for future milestones. The child develops his tastes and preferences and can make his own choices. He is given a foundation to grow to his full potential.

The teachers at the preschool know how to tackle the different types of children. With varying levels of intelligence and skill sets, different children require different kinds of attention. The teachers handle them all with a lot of attention and patience.

Each child is unique and the learning capacities also vary from child to child. Only when the child is exposed to a formal learning environment, the child’s interests and passions can be understood, and his weaknesses can be identified. The parents can then work towards building his strengths. Without worrying too much about the weaknesses, the child should be allowed to grow at his normal pace.

Is your child ready to face the world?

This question worries parents all over the world. As loving parents contemplate the innumerable challenges the world is about to throw in the path of their little one, they seek more and better ways to equip him or her to successfully overcome them.

The Challenges

It is natural for any parent living in the competitive world of today to wonder how his or her child would cope with the challenges presented. Will she succeed? Will she be able to attain her full potential? Is there something that can be done now which would help her become what she is meant to be? The answer is yes.

The Early Years

Experts in the field of psychology and medicine are unanimous in acknowledging the importance of the early childhood years in the physical, mental, cognitive, emotional and social development of an individual. The developmental trajectory of an individual is determined by her early years. The optimal development of a child depends on the attention and care she receives, which forms the framework within which the other factors like the learning stimuli, social interactions etc. play their own roles. However, is it possible for parents, especially those who are working, to provide a fitting environment for their child’s growth? Yes, the solution is provided by modern childcare centers in Singapore.

Childcare Centers

When does a child begin to learn? Studies have shown that learning happens at every stage of the life cycle but is most intense from birth to six years of age. Research in this area have found that preschool education has contributed to better social skills, increased learning potential and limited behavioral problems in those who have attended it. Childcare centers in Singapore provide a variety of high quality learning tools that stimulate the curiosity of the child and lays the solid foundations for a lifelong learning process. Moreover, they provide a supportive positive environment that ensures that learning becomes a tension-free playful activity. This is very important in making the transition to the more learning-intensive primary school easier.

A child learns to face the world through a process of learning that continues till the very end, but, undoubtedly, the preschool years prove to be a determining factor and hence, it is necessary to ensure that the child gets the very best that can be provided.

6 Tips for preparing your child for going to nursery school

Are you getting worried about how to prepare your child for preschool? It is common that every parent worries about his child until he or she becomes used to preschool. You do not need to worry as we will give you some effective tips that guarantee your child will agree to go to nursery in Singapore .

Do not take your child with you while observing preschools:-

It is very necessary that you should not bring your child with you while checking out different nursery schools. If you do this, it may confuse your child and he will find it difficult to adjust in the preschool. So you should go to preschool with him after making a final decision.

Give your child an idea about the preschool:-

You should tell your child about preschool in an interesting manner. Storytelling is the best technique for introducing the concept of school to kids. They will be able to understand about nursery school in a better way by listening stories. You can also read some fun books such as “Wemberly Worried” by Kevin Henkes, “The Night before Preschool” by Natasha Wing, etc. You must reassure your child that he or she will have great fun at preschool.

Visit nursery school with your child before his or her first day one or two times:-

This is a great idea for preparing your child as he will become familiar with the school environment and can adjust in a proper manner. For this, firstly you have to take permission from school teachers and if they allow it then you should visit the classroom with your child. He will be acquainted with various learning stations and materials by these visits and it will also encourage him or her for going to preschool.

Send your child with a fun backpack and school supplies:-

You should buy a backpack, lunchbox, water bottle, etc., of a color which is liked by your child the most. You can also pick out that backpack on which his or her favorite cartoon character is made. You should also pack the lunch box with the food of his or her choice. You must ask the preschool if your child can bring a comfort object with him or her such as a soft toy or blanket so that he or she can feel more at home in his or her new environment.

Spend more time with your child:-

You should try to take out more time for your child from your busy schedule and listen to his worries. You should tell them that they do not have to be afraid for going to preschool. You must promise your child that you will surely come to pick him or her up after a few hours. You should also assure them that they can seek help from his or her teacher at anytime.

Set the daily routine:-

It would be better if you set the daily routine of your child in advance so that he or she can remain active during school hours. You should get your child to wake up according to the timings of the preschool. You should make a time table for achieving this target. In this way, your child can easily adjust with his or her new surrounding area.

Tips for Anger Management for Children

You may often find kids fighting when their anger goes out of control and they stop thinking about the difference between good or bad. Anger is like a trigger that stops all senses in the human mind and makes a person irresponsible for situations around him. Sometimes, the child finds it as the only way for declaring independence and self expression, where they unleash the aggression on their siblings or sometimes on their parents too.

It is observed that anger can be as a result of less care offered by parents; as these days most of families have working parents and kids are not able to get proper time with those important personalities of their life. It causes a feeling of anger, stress and carelessness in kids with unstoppable aggression. Sometimes, kids find anger is the most effective companion that they can attach to their feelings or physical sensations in order to grab other’s attention.

If you are tired with such behaviour from your child, then it is important to spare some time to think about it as this issue can cause big trouble at a later stage. If left ignored, then one day it may cause a big harm to your child. Although Singapore kindergarten caregivers describe that it is not so easy to get rid of an angry nature once it is developed, one can learn by examples and parents can definitely help their kids to get rid of this unwanted feeling. It is never too early to teach a child some anger management tips because your little master will need routine practice in order to achieve success in this matter. Below are a few tips for anger management in kids:

Stop: As soon as your child starts feeling out of control, make a fast decision to separate him/her from the person who he/she is getting angry at. Take them out of the room; more often than not, kids wish that their parents can stop them from a fight so it becomes your first responsibility to take the first step.

Calm Down: Teach your child the ways to calm down; it can be done via deep breaths, distracting them from anger-oriented tasks and drinking some water.

Think Twice: It is good to make your child think about what will happen if she acts in anger. They must know the side effects of decisions taken in angry mood and must understand that wrong things, once done in anger, cannot be erased.

Respect other’s feelings: Help your child to develop respect for other’s feelings too. They must realise the fact that others may have a different point of view about all matters and one must develop acceptable behaviour towards all.

Other possible solutions: Assist your child in making decisions for good results as there are probably so many solutions to one single matter. Sometimes apologizing could help and sometimes it is good to stay calm only; help your child to know that things often change for better results and they must develop a nature of acceptance towards others.

Best TV Shows For Your Kids To Watch

When we think of shows and TV characters that are loved by kids, lots of cartoon creatures start coming to mind. It is common in a house full of little children that Cartoon Network is always on and almost all the family members are bound to watch it, if only because their lovely little kid enjoys it. So many TV series ended with huge success and they made our childhood awesome for so many years, whereas a few leading shows are still entertaining the youngsters of today. If you are just searching for some of best shows that your little master must watch, below is a list of the top rated TV shows and movies list:

Ben and Holly’€™s Little Kingdom:

The Ben and the Holly in this cartoon are not just some funny creatures. Rather, they are well known for their overloaded cuteness. If you start watching it even for a while with your little kid, you will not be able to stop laughing. The best thing to know is that the show is full of social factors like the environment, class wars, education system and many more, so your kid will naturally learn lots of important things while enjoying a cartoon show.

Dinosaur Train:

Almost all kids love dinosaurs and this TV series never lets kids feel like there is a shortage of those well-known creatures. The Dinosaur Train is one of the best TV shows for your little kid as it is full of useful educational knowledge and helps in teaching the concepts of morals to your child. You can let your kid watch them while feeling like you are sitting in Jurassic park. However, this show is not suitable for kids below 2 years.

Team Umizoomi:

If you want to make your kids more familiar with mathematical terms, then this show is a good option. Team Umizoomi emphasises on shapes, logics, patterns and sums, etc., so that mathematics can be made friendly to little kids. The show is designed in such an entertaining manner that your kid will not even realise that he is learning something and even the minor stories told in the show will lead to important concept building in your kid’€™s mind.

Toy Story Trilogy:

It is no doubt one of the best animated entertaining movie franchises that brings endless fun. All the characters involved in this storyline are simply amazing and they keep on teaching important messages to kids at every step. It is designed with a very creative storyline and you may also find that your kids would really like to watch these movies, even when they have grown older.


This movie was first released in 1940s and was rated as one of the finest films for grownups as well as toddlers. Child care centres in Singapore suggest selecting shows as appropriate for the age group of the kids so that it could have a positive impact on their mind.

Why You Should Experiment With The Fish Ball Noodle Dish

There are a variety of ways that you can eat fish balls, but they are best accompanied with noodles. Most people find that fish ball noodle dishes are best when they are made fresh and when they are made just before serving. This is what draws folks back time and time again.

There are different ways in which the food choices can be served. Noodles are obviously the favorite and they can be served at any time of the day or night. They are even enjoyed as a snack. However, they can also be served as a soup, and this is great to have as a starter before you get started with your main meal.

It is not easy to make this dish, so one needs to go to a restaurant that specializes in this cuisine. There are specific flavors that one needs to combine into the dish, and these need to be blended in well. There is also some skill involved, so it takes time and patience until you have mastered the dish.

The fish balls you find will depend on the region that you are located in. For example, in Singapore, you often come across the Teochew version which is well known in the area and much loved by the locals. Most of these are made from fish that is fresh and raw in nature. It has been finely minced. Once it has reached this phase, it is either fried or boiled, depending on the recipe or the tradition.

Most of these dishes that you find these days have been produced in a factory, so it is a good idea to look out for something that has been handmade. This will make the world of difference. The flavors stand out, and a lot more effort has been put into the final production.

For someone who has never come across the average dish, they may be put off by the appearance. However, it is the flavors that will change your mind and this is the reason why you need to experiment with this particular dish. Of course, it is always important to find a restaurant that specializes in this and promotes the dish as one of their signature dishes. They need to use fish that has a good flavor, along with noodles that accompany the dish well. This is also a dish that is very reasonable, so it definitely won’t set you back.

How To Make The Most Delicious Chicken Singapore Laksa

If you have never tasted this Asian dish, then it is time that you introduced your palate to the simple, scrumptious deliciousness that comes from the soup. The beauty of Laksa is achieved when you have the perfect combination of spiciness, sweetness, sourness and saltiness in your soup flavor. The simple Singapore Laksa is simply a noodle soup. However, there are other variations which include seafood Laksa among others.

For the soup, you will need oil, root ginger, garlic, lime zest, Laksa curry paste, chicken stock, coconut cream, brown sugar, fish sauce, skinless chicken breasts, spinach, salt and six hard boiled eggs. The amount of the ingredients will, of course, depend on the number of people that you want to serve the soup with.

In addition to the soup, you may need a salad garnish. For the garnish, get a telegraph cucumber, bean sprouts, spring onions, coriander and mint leaves and red chili. Dice and cut up all these ingredients appropriately and set them aside in preparation for the garnishing of the soup.

To make the soup, start by heating the oil in a large pot. Add the ginger, garlic, lime zest, and curry paste and allow them to sizzle for a minute. Add the stock, coconut cream, fish sauce, and tomatoes. After simmering for about five minutes, add the sliced chicken and reduce the heat to a low simmer. Allow this to cook for about five minutes. Add in the spinach just before you finish the cooking process.

Take serving bowls and set on a table. Drain the boiled noodles and divide them into the bowls. Add the Laksa into the bowls using a ladle. Half the hard-boiled eggs and add them into the bowls over the Laksa. Serve together with the platter of garnish so that people can serve themselves as they wish.

This soup is not only loved for its deliciousness but is also very nutritious. To start with, it contains a healthy balance of vitamins, protein, and carbohydrates with the chicken bringing in the protein, the garnish adding the vitamin and the noodles being the source of carbohydrates. The fact that you can season the soup with other optional ingredients makes it quite easy to season.

That is how you make a bowl of the most delicious Asian soup in the food industry. There are many variations of this soup, but the most important thing is to ensure that the flavor is maintained and that the authenticity of the soup is not lost. Take time and experiment with the different flavors and enjoy the final results.